Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Sophie!

I am so excited that you have decided to visit my blog! Starting this blog was taking a leap of faith and hoping a net would appear. I thought it would be a neat way for me to express myself and inspire others! However, I doubted myself because I didn’t have any experience, and I didn’t know if my content would be enough. Starting anything at first can be scary, but I believe God wants us to use our talents and passions for his glory and just take a single step. He will guide us the rest of the way!

With this blog, all I know is that I am passionate. God has given me a unique passion and zeal for life. And I want to share it with YOU.

Life to me is wonderful.

What I hope you experience when you visit this blog is inspiration for your life. I believe God cares about the details of our lives: our hopes, dreams, passions, likes, dislikes… You are the only you there is. It sounds cliché, but it is true. The common thread for humanity is our need for Jesus and His grace. As Christians that means we have a common goal: sharing the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The awesome thing is that how that is done is different for everyone. Some of you will be missionaries across the world, some of you will be missionaries across the street. But the bottom line is that your life is full of purpose and you have an amazing assignment from God. The question is, how does God want you to accomplish your assignment?

My blog is here to inspire you in your day to day life, in all the little ways and details- because God cares about you in all those ways and areas. ❤

My mantra for this blog is: “Be all you can be in Christ and you will set the world on fire.” ~Catherine of Sienna

Life was never meant to be boring or mundane, so live your best life for Jesus. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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