Welcome Summer

Happy Summer!

Today is the first day of summer! Although, I would argue that it’s felt like summer for a few weeks now… hehe The sweltering sun is hard to ignore, and not exactly my favorite element of summer. I’m more of a fall, cool and crisp weathered gal. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sun. I just don’t love all of the heat and humidity.

However, the sun is actually one of those blessings I believe many of us take for granted. For instance, it shines faithfully each morning and sets each night. It provides us vitamin D and gives us that goddess glowing skin. And it offers the perfect weather for an afternoon swim or a barbecue. The sun is a a blessing God has given us, a gift actually! So even though summer isn’t my favorite season, I do love the sunshine and a few other elements about summer…

So I thought I would make a list of ideas for your summer bucket list! Last year I made a list of all that I wanted to do and try throughout the course of the summer. It was a neat way for me to make the most out of my summer. So if you find yourself bored or lacking ideas, use mine or make your own list!


  1. Read a new book
  2. Plant something- a garden , flower, herb, or succulent!
  3. Visit somewhere you’ve never been
  4. Try a Pinterest recipe
  5. Clean out a junk drawer/ organize your closet or room
  6. Try yoga
  7. Try a new workout class
  8. Make an Instagram-inspired smoothie bowl
  9. Go on a hike
  10. Go camping
  11. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before
  12. Form a morning/night routine
  13. Host a sleepover
  14. Make a homemade face mask
  15. Visit a local coffee shop
  16. Go to the farmer’s market
  17. Sign up for a 5K
  18. Try a new hairstyle
  19. Find a new DIY to try
  20. Go to a movie-in-the-park
  21. Write a story
  22. Buy a new devotional
  23. Try calligraphy
  24. Write down your dreams
  25. Listen to a podcast
  26. Send a card to someone
  27. Visit an antique shop
  28. Go to an amusement park
  29. Catch lightening bugs
  30. Go on walks
  31. Take pictures of nature
  32. Drink a cup of coffee
  33. Journal


There you have it! These are some ideas to help you create a bucket list of your own! You can make a list with as many or as few things as you want. Just remember to take a moment and enjoy the little things in life- like the sunshine! And enjoy this summer by making the most of it! ❤

~Sophie Buchanan


Do It Yourself- Frothy Coffee

Screenshot_2017-06-14-14-30-30My Coffee Obsession…

As long as I can remember, I have loved coffee! It’s one of those things for me that puts a smile on my face and makes my heart happy. In my opinion no event is complete without a cup of Joe. My sisters also have equal obsessions. Anytime were together, my mom actually gets annoyed and waits for the question, “Can we stop at Starbucks?” Haha Like I said, no trip is complete without some Joe!

However, coffee can be expensive. Grabbing one here and there adds up, especially if you regularly go to Starbucks. I’m honestly a lover of all coffee, and I haven’t met a cup that I’ve stuck my nose up at yet! hehe So as long as I have my stevia and they have almond milk, I’m a happy camper! I’ve even grown to like coffee occasionally black or as long is I at least have stevia, because unfortunately, most, but not all places offer almond milk.

Anyway, to cut down on costs, the economical choice would be to use a thermos or Tervis cup and make your coffee at home. Though, if your like me, and you like froth, coffee at home just isn’t quite the same. I actually tried putting my coffee once in a jar and shook it to achieve froth. All I got was some sad bubbles. I also tried boiling it, which resulted in simply hot almond milk. Then the other day, it hit me to blend my coffee! I’m actually not quite sure what prompted me to try it, but I did! And the result… was perfect! Something in the blending process actually creates a thick, creamy layer of froth, and unlike my other methods, it doesn’t dissolve.

The best part is that you can blend your coffee hot for a latte or cold for a frappe! You can even pour over ice! So if you love coffee, definitely give this recipe a try! It’s incredibly simple, and the creamers, milk, and sweeteners can all be modified to your liking for the perfect, made-at-home, cup of Joe 😉


Recipe Instructions:

 Coffee (Hot or cold)
 Milk of choice (I like almond milk best)
 1 Tbsp. Creamer (*optional) (My favorite is either the vanilla or caramel 
 almond milk creamer by Silk 
1 Tsp. Coconut Oil (Adds to smoothness, but most importantly helps 
counteract the acidity in coffee (+) keeps you full!)
Sweetener (*optional)
Ice (If making a frappe)

 ~Simply pour all of your ingredients in your mixer and blend until a creamy appearance is achieved and a layer of froth appears. Then pour your coffee into your cup of choice and enjoy! *You don't have to be strategic when pouring your coffee into your cup. The froth natural sits at the top. Also, if making a frappe but using hot coffee, add extra ice. *Tip: If taking your coffee to-go, you can add a tablespoon or two of protein powder, which will keep you fuller and add more nutritional value ;) Screenshot_2017-06-14-14-30-41 

Christ is Enough

christ is enough for me

In my last devotional post I encouraged you to love your life. After all, we do have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my health, especially after just reading an update from my English teacher, whose battling her second round with breast cancer. Loving your life just seems an appropriate response to the grace and mercy of God in our lives! However, what do you do, or how do you love your life when things aren’t going right in your life- when cancer or sickness knocks at your or someone you love’s door, when your parents fight, when friends betray you? How do you live joyful amongst the chaos?

Maybe you aren’t going through anything at the moment, or maybe you’re in the  midst of a trial now. Either way, the Bible says that regardless, we WILL suffer and face trials in our life. Although this may seem like a dull, despairing statement, it actually brings hope, because God promises to work everything for our good, and He promises to NEVER leave or forsake us. He has a plan and a purpose for every struggle we endure, and only He can take those trials and work beyond what we could ever imagine if we allow Him to.

See, loving your life and possessing joy can be your way of life, regardless of the good or the bad, when you choose to be filled with Christ. The funny thing is that when we “fill” ourselves with temporal things, like people and pleasures, instead of Christ, we actually find ourselves unfulfilled. But when we choose Christ, and decide that He is the only “thing” in which we can be filled with, we find ourselves in a state of fulfillment, even peace. Loving your God-given life and living a life full of joy becomes less about your circumstances and more as a result of the goodness of God.

As you read this, ponder the idea of being fulfilled in Christ, choosing Him over the shallow and temporal options the world offers. Ponder the hope that the fulfilled life offers! It means hope during the good times in your life and peace during the trials. It means you can live beyond your circumstances. So when life brings you trials, only a fulfilled life- full of Christ, will give you the tools you need to endure. That tool being Christ Himself!

In closing, here is an important thought. My teacher, Erin Sipe, whose battling cancer, made a wise statement in her recent post. She said that it’s important, like Noah did, to build your ark when life is good. That way you’re prepared for the trials. When you’ve chosen a life that says Christ is all you need, lean into him and prepare. When the trials hit, the Christ within you will sustain you.

Psalm 42:8 and 11:

V. 8 “Yet the Lord will command his loving kindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.”

V. 11 ” Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.”