The Mountain Waits.



Mountains. Oh how I love them! I can remember being little and thinking that summer was supposed to be my favorite season and the beach my favorite place. I can remember thinking, “who could like the mountains?” Wow. Times have changed 🙂

I couldn’t imagine a world without the mountains. They bring me such joy. I love being in the mountains and walking through quaint towns, driving through the picturesque country, hiking on trails, camping, visiting local coffee shops. The mountains are therapeutic for me. They make me breathe a little deeper, think a little more, and smile.

About two weeks ago my family went to Blowing Rock, and I might or might not have had a pumpkin spice latte… I know you may role your eyes, but fall is my favorite season and the weather simply warranted one. I also might add that it was one of the best I’ve ever had! We ate at an adorable restaurant called the Foggy Rock Eatery, drank coffee from the Camp Coffee Roasters, visited and bought candy from the Mast General Store, we ate ice cream at Kilwins, and we walked through down town Blowing Rock. It was my kinda day, and not just because it was in the mountains, but also because we mainly ate in some form at every stop! 🙂

Just being there threw me into “fall” gear, much to my family and friend’s demise. It made me think about pumpkins and apples… I won’t get started because I might not be able to stop. hehe But it truly made me happy.

I opened my devotional a few days afterward, and it made me smile when I read it. It’s a perfect metaphor of the mountains in a spiritual sense.  Continue reading “The Mountain Waits.”