Smoothie Madness

All hail the smoothie bowl.

Smoothies are one of my most favorite healthy drinks. I have a smoothie at least 5 or 6 times a week. One of my favorite things about them, are all the different flavors and recipes! Smoothies can be tailored to satisfy any taste-bud! Among my favorites are chocolate and peanut-butter smoothies, as well as, avocado matcha!


Today, I wanted to inspire your smoothie to go to the next level- all hail the smoothie bowl! ❤ Smoothie bowls are perfect if you want a smoothie plus a crunch, and you can literally pile them high with as many or as few toppings as you like.



The key to any smoothie bowl is your frozen fruit. What sets smoothie bowls apart is the consistency. Smoothies are liquid-y if you will, but smoothie bowls are thicker and also smooth. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that ice will give you the desired consistency, because it won’t. Too much ice will hinder you from having a smooth smoothie 😉

Frozen fruit, bananas in particular, is what will make your smoothie bowl perfect! It’s best to take a couple of bananas, freeze them, and just keep them on hand. Once you have a frozen banana, the rest is up to your imagination. You can make a chocolate, a chocolate peanut butter, a vanilla, a berry, or a green smoothie, and then add any toppings you like. For my smoothie bowls, I like to start out with a cup of almond milk, my plant protein powder, a little ice and the rest of my ingredients, and then blend. The less liquid the better. So if your blender begins to have trouble blending everything, just add around a tablespoon of water at a time until everything is blended.

My favorite thing about smoothie bowls is that they are loaded with nutrients, and, if made right, have a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Plus, there are a wide range a flavors.

>Down below are a list of suggested topping ideas!


  • berries
  • coconut flakes
  •  chia seeds
  • flax seeds
  • oats
  • buckwheat groats
  • granola
  • cinnamon
  • cocoa nibs
  • pepitas
  • sea salt
  • nut butter
  • nuts
  • honey
  • goji berries
  • hemp seeds
  • dried fruit


I hope you feel more inspired now with your smoothies! Adding them to your diet with the right toppings is a simple step to tastefully heighten your health! Enjoy ❤


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