Abingdon, Virginia

Well, it has been quite a long time since I last posted. School and other things filled my schedule, making some things take a temporary backseat. No worries, however, because I’m back and ready to make your heart happy with fall inspiration. Fall really is one of my favorite times of year. I say one because the Christmas season is also a favorite of mine. I enjoy flowers and sunshine during the other half of the year but not like I enjoy the fall and winter months. Autumn ushers in my favorite scents, foods, drinks, clothes, weather, and outings.

Two weeks ago I was blessed to go on a beautiful vacation with my family to Virginia. I used to believe Virginia a boring state not so long ago, but Abingdon changed my mind for the better. It’s a quaint, historic town filled with antique shops, delicious eats, biking, and peaceful, rolling hills. We stayed at one of the gorgeous cottages at The Creeper’s End Lodging. Its name comes from the simple fact that it’s a hop and a skip away from the end of the famous Creeper bike trail.

Day 1: Our vacation started Wednesday, and like any good vacation should, we started our road trip with Starbucks- #standard! Our next stop was the Sunrise Grille, a lovely restaurant in Boone, North Carolina. Honestly, it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had: Ezekiel bread, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, plus hash browns. The food really was one of the best parts for me, and this was only the beginning! We literally experienced so much delicious food!

After breakfast we spent the day in Boone and enjoyed ice cream in Blowing Rock. The second best meal of the day was after we arrived in Abingdon at Pecan 128. I had an orzo spinach salad, topped with chili rubbed salmon. To. Die. For. It was absolutely perfect in every way. Oh, and I might have had a slice of coconut cream pie…

Day 2: We spent our second day on the Creeper Trail, which was some much welcomed physical activity. Breakfast was fabulous! We ate at White Burch, which was right up my alley, offering raw, whole foods! I had a paleo smoothie- I know right?! Afterward, we hit the trail and had it mostly to ourselves. The trail span about 34 miles, but most bike only half. We chose to bike the second half for the first time, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful! The trail was peaceful and welcoming.


The River Cafe was our lunch stop along the trail and it was adorable. We were greeted by the sweetest people, who kindly explained the menu and recommended their delicious chai tea latte:) All of their menu items are based off of what’s local and in-season. I had the special of the day, which was a creole plate filled with every kind of seafood imaginable and served with home-ade cornbread. Key lime pie was dessert and I couldn’t get enough! Every part of our stop here was wonderful, right down to the gazebo along the river.IMG_20171005_135632079.jpgIMG_20171005_131424494IMG_20171005_134127670img_20171005_143525810.jpg

Day 3: Friday we enjoyed White Burch… twice! what can I say? Why fix what’s not broken 😉 My breakfast was an absolutely amazing smoothie bowl and a coffee with coconut oil and grass-fed butter. After breakfast we walked around town and shopped in different stores. About lunch time we decided to go for it- we ate at an exquisite dessert restaurant called Anthony’s Desserts. It’s every sweet lover’s heaven! I had a seven layer type bar with a graham cracker crust- parfait! We ended Friday with a play at the famous Barter Theater and our third meal of the day at, you guessed it, the White Burch. I had the best flat bread pizza with veggies that I’ve ever had! Hands down. 🙂



Day 4: Saturday was our final day in this charming town. We ate at Zazzy’s, which is a cafe style restaurant that also has their own coffee roastery. I had a crab quiche and it was wonderful! We then departed and drove to Wilksboro, where we went to the apple festival. My mom and I had caramel apples- oh for the love of caramel ❤ We then visited our favorite apple orchard and bought enough apples to feed an army, and ended the day with the best fried apple pies.




I hope you enjoyed this peek into our family vacation! Nothing says fall like the mountains and coffee! I’m excited to see what this beautiful season has to offer! I pray your week has been blessed and that you get to enjoy all the pleasures autumn has to offer this year.


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