New Year : Out with the old- In with the new :


what was your best memory from 2017?

  • A cruise to the Caribbean that my family and my sister’s family went on.

what was a big milestone or moment from this past year?

  • I turned 16 and got my license!

what did God teach you in 2017?

  • I learned a lot about God’s character and His involvement in my life. He taught me that He is with me, even when I feel so far from Him, and I question His goodness. I learned that even the most trying and seemingly useless struggles have a purpose in God’s plan for me. I feel that He has taught me so much that I can’t possible write it all down! 🙂

who really influenced your life during 2017?

  • It sounds crazy, but I was influenced so much by watching both Cambria Joy and Sarah from Sarah’s Day on YouTube. I truly believe God has used them both in a unique way in my life to inspire and influence me.

what is a main takeaway for you from 2017?

  • I feel that I am moving forward from 2017, taking away a simple truth, and that is the fact that I want to have fun with my mission for God! I want to carry with me the idea that anything and everything I do can be a love offering to God. I want to use my passions to glorify and live my best life for Him.

what is something you want to capitalize on in 2018?

  • I want to carry insane joy, happiness, and adventure into 2018 and send it hard! I want to have fun in my mission for Jesus, and be more full of Him than ever before. I want 2018 to truly be a significant year. ❤


I love moving forward with ideas, plans, and hopes for the new year, but sometimes reflecting can be hard. Especially when you feel like you haven’t grown in the areas you wish you had. But guess what? You aren’t alone.

For years I made New Year’s resolutions, and I would say that all of them involved, like most people, some kind of fitness goal. I would make all kinds of plans and lists. I would research all that I needed to know, get, and eat to make my goal happen. These types of goals always consumed me and my time, and every year I was disappointed by my lack of progress.

So whatever your goals have been, if you haven’t succeeded like you wanted to, don’t be discouraged.

What I have learned is when I keep an open mind about things, God is much more able to use things to help and grow me. I have also learned that perspective changes things. Maybe your goal(s) fell flat on its face, but what can you learn from that to help you in moving forward? Maybe your goal(s) went differently than you expected. What is God trying to show you?

I had three resolutions last year. They were to get fit, grow closer to Jesus, and live life to the fullest. In a lot of ways they were pretty general, but God used each of those goals in ways I never would have expected.

  1. Getting Fit

Last year, getting fit to me, meant probably dropping 10lbs. and being thin. Instead, God really showed me what it means to be balanced. I am so happy because balance was really what I wanted all long, but I was afraid to relinquish control. Once I stopped obsessing and started being intuitive, I started to thoroughly love the gym and focusing on being strong. My relationship with food changed and I no longer felt like I ever needed to deprive myself.

2. Growing Closer to Jesus

God really did grow me closer to Him, but it was in an unexpected way. He helped me overcome one of my greatest internal struggles, and He taught me so much about Himself in the process. He showed me that even when I question His goodness, He is there beside of me. He showed me that everything in my life, even the seemingly useless things have a purpose in His plan for me. My word for the year was VISION, and God really showed me so much in 2017. I feel so much clearer than ever before about my calling, even while not understanding the details.

3. Living Life to the Fullest

I honestly don’t remember my exact thoughts when I wrote this one down, but I probably considered myself living life to the fullest by trying new things, making meaningful decisions, ect. But what I learned is that my mission for God, the passions I have, and the way I want to live life differently with insane fun- they don’t have to be separate, they shouldn’t be separate from one another. I struggled with this one because I thought that if I was serving God and having fun in the process that meant I wasn’t doing it right. That’s just not true. If we are filled with Christ, then His joy will be inevitable in our lives. That joy, the happiness we choose, the adventures we have with God, that is like a beacon of hope to the world around us who have no reason or purpose for living. If God is my reason for living, then I have a reason to celebrate. God doesn’t want straight faced, unhappy Christians, He wants people who will make a dent in the universe by living for Him and having fun with their missions. Get high on the Holy Spirit.


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“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

2 Corinthians 5:17


My pastor said it perfectly, “assess the past, don’t obsess.”

Sometimes assessing brings us joy for the victories and sometimes pain for the failures and shortcomings. What is important is not how you succeeded or failed but how you move forward. Let how you want to improve be motivating and not frustrating. Commit it to the Lord and live determined!

I leave you with a favorite quote of mine.

Image result for scott fitzgerald i hope you

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s, and I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you! ❤



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