You are Understood and Adored.




So I’ve been trying to write something to post for about a month now and between not having the time to work on it and not being able to put into words exactly what I wanted to say, it just hasn’t happened. I wanted to talk about the difference between joy and happiness, which will hopefully come in a later post, but I decided to instead go with what’s on my heart and what’s relevant in my life right now.

This year started off great. I was pumped for a fresh start, and I was on fire for the Lord. I’m still pumped actually, but with this year has also come a roller coaster of emotions.

Honestly, junior year has proved to be by far my hardest year and not just because the courses are harder but because of how time consuming it’s been. It also hasn’t helped that I started second semester behind on taking tests. Plus, being a junior or a senior means that every college wants to send you information and tell you why you should come to their college instead of the other hundred colleges that are mailing and emailing you. So the pressure is on to make lots of significant decisions for the future.

Beyond school there are so many other things day in and day out that can cause and create so many emotions: stress, sadness, frustration, loneliness, disappointment, hurt, worry, anxiety, anger, ect. And if you’re like me, sometimes you don’t even know what or why you feel the way you do.

So today, as you’re reading this, I want you to be encouraged. Whether you have been in God’s Word consistently or haven’t opened It in months, whether you have a burden you’re bearing or you’re at peace, whether your holding it together or falling apart-whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re feeling, whatever decisions or problems you have to make or deal with, know one thing.

He is enough.

God is enough to handle your exact situation.

Last year I struggled through some of the hardest things in my life. No one knew. But the confusion and pain was real. I couldn’t understand where God was at through it all. How could He “leave” me here? How could He allow me to go through this? Even as I sought God, I questioned His goodness. But that is just how good God is. God had proven Himself to me before, but I still questioned Him,and yet He never left me. He was right their pulling me through the whole time, even if I didn’t feel like it.

Folks, feelings lie. They can be nasty sometimes, convincing us of things that aren’t true.

So if your feelings aren’t reliable, what can you rely on? Your Heavenly Father!

One thing confusing emotions and frustrating situations have taught me is that the only thing I can rely on 100% is my Jesus. Hardship has taught me to focus and seek my Father, and what I’ve found is that He is enough. He has a purpose and a plan not only for me, but for YOU, and He promises to work all situations for your good. If He has your highest good in mind, then even hard trials have a purpose, and He will always be by your side.

My favorite lyrics right now come from Broken Prayers by Riley Clemmons.

Her song says,

I’ve been taught how to talk to you
Hold it together, make the bad look better
Say all the words that I’m supposed to
Bow my head, say, “amen”
Yeah, that’ll do
Making every dead end look like heaven
Like being okay is the way to reach you
But you’re not afraid of all the things I feel
So why am I afraid of being real?
You want my tears, every messy word
Every scar and every fear
You want all I have
With no holding back
When I’m hurt, at my worst
You meet me there
‘Cause you see the beauty
In my broken prayers
In my broken prayers
You don’t care if it ain’t poetry
‘Cause all of my edges
They’re a little rough
But that’s all I got to bring
‘Cause you’re not afraid of all the things I feel
Don’t have to hide the scars that still aren’t healed


You can take comfort today that God understands when no one else does, and He cares no matter how bad your situation might be. God isn’t asking you to get it together and come to Him, He’s asking You to come with your broken prayers, hurts, feelings… because God isn’t afraid. He delights in helping you.

One thing I read from this past week that really spoke to me came from a post by Mary Kate Robertson:



I hope that this post spoke to your heart or at least encouraged your soul. Sometimes we think that because we feel something it must be true or that we will never be understood (or frustration that we don’t even understand ourselves). But that’s Satan’s lies. God cares about our feelings and emotions.

I have found that when I put Jesus at the center of my focus, God gives me a peace that somehow everything will be ok. I say somehow because you may not feel it, but it’s a trust in God that it will.

You are so incredibly loved and adored by your Heavenly Father! Everything will be ok. Jesus understands, so invite Him into your messy feelings and problems and open your heart to the One who created it and adores it.



Robertson, Mary Kate. Picture of James 1:5. Instagram, photographed by Mary Kate Robertson, 23 February 2018,

2 thoughts on “You are Understood and Adored.

  1. I know how you feel with school stress… I was doing school until 7:00 p.m. and I have and insane week ahead of me. You’re not alone!
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I wish all the best to you! 😊


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