I’m realizing that yellow is a pretty cool color. I love how vibrant and happy it is. Yellow doesn’t try to blend in or camouflage, it exists loudly. I think everyone should embrace the things that make their soul full of happiness and joy.

Sometimes I use caution when I say happiness because happiness is usually a feeling we have based off circumstances and temporal, materialistic things. Joy, on the other hand, is something we choose and is not based off circumstances or things necessarily. I think both have their place.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the things that you like if they’re pleasing to the Lord– God has given you things to enjoy and just because you do, it doesn’t mean you’re materialistic or off focused even.

Before really committing my life completely to the Lord, I lived my life as a Christian on the line. I thought I had to choose between the world or Jesus- my kinda music or hymns, fun or serious, ect. Everything was like a tug-of-war. But through some hard struggles the Lord pulled me closer to Him, and my love for him grew to the point that none of it felt like a choice. I desired do the right thing (most of the time) and felt a sense of peace when I did.

BUUTTTTT I also realized something important. God and being close to Him is NOT a boring, solemn, reserved-life kinda thing. God is all about fun, and He wants you to enjoy your life. I believe God has even given us the likes and dislikes we have for a reason.

So the point of this blog post? Stick close to the things that feel sunshine- the things that make you smile, that make you really happy, the things that are YOU.

The people that know me best know that I love coffee, indie music, healthy food, and so many other things because I tend to have lots of favorites… What can I say, I like a lot of things 🙂 Things like painting, going to really cute restaurants, talking about the Burnadoodle I’m going to own one day, going to grocery stores and farmers markets, letters in the mail, flowers- all these little things are what make my soul really really happy.

So what makes your soul really happy? What things feel like sunshine to you? And do you like the color yellow? Because honestly i used to think it was pretty ugly, but it’s growing on me 🙂

On a last note- like what YOU like. Do not change what you like or who you are because it’s not what everyone else likes. If everyone liked the exact same things, we’d live in a suuper boring world 🌎 So don’t be afraid to stand out. #actconfidentandnoonewillquestionyou




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